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Thankful - Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics

You see me, let me tell you bout me
A nigga like me, I’m prayed for
I’m thankful for everything
God just hear my prayer, I just know I’m alive

Every mornin’ when I wake, I hit my knees, and pray
I’m so thankful, I learn a new lesson everyday
I was schemin’, runnin’ wild, and then I caught a case
I was locked up in a cage, that’s when it all came to my brain
Keep your head up, Kodak, get out there, just do your thing
Get your bread up, Kodak, you ain’t got no time to play
I was fed up, lost a lot, but never lost my faith
Cause there’s reason’s, I go through what I’m goin’ through today
Had to tell myself, “Kodak, you don’t bother, you in trouble”
Had to tell myself, “f**k my friends, cause all I got is my brothers”
Then I told myself, “f**k these hoes, all I need is my mother”
Cause I realize, that I wouldn’t be sh*t without my mama
Please forgive me Lord, know you understand that it’s a struggle
Just a lil boy, in these streets, got caught up with the hustle
This for my two brother’s, all we got is each other
I would be nothin’ without em, that’s why I love em
I gotta say prayer, I gotta stay positive
Imma step up to the plate, won’t run a way, like my father did
Try to put my nigga on, but he didn’t stick to the code
I ain’t tryin’ that sh*t no more, I’m just gon’ keep my focus on
I gotta keep movin’ forward, I can’t get caught up in my ways
I been lost out here like pacman, feelin’ like I’m in a maze
Steady leanin’ off promethazine, I ain’t got no medicate
It’s destined I’m gon’ see my blessings, gon’ be better days
You wasn’t worried bout me then, why you worried bout me now?
Thank the Lord for what I got, cause I use to wear Fila
Niggas tryna boss me out, been up, but I’ve been down a lot
Everything is temporary, don’t get comfortable in your spot
You could be droppin’ your girl at work, he’ll be runnin’ up in your spot
My niggas locked up, watchin’ the clock, I can’t wait until he drop
Kinda brace up on the wall, when I talk they drop the wall
You should want me to excel, why you wanna see me fall?
I been coughin’ all night, it done really got severe
They say I should get it cured, before it get even worse
So they gave me cough drops, but I’m drinkin’ cough syrup
In the coupe, I’m tryna splurge, and I’m fine off the herbs
Skrrt, skrrt

End of
Thankful – Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics | Ringtones Download

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