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Pelican - Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics

My name Kodak and you know that
Go and tell your girl
Kodak and you know that
Go and tell your friend
Keep that tool on me
Go tell your mama, go tell your buddy
Go tell your pal, go tell your neighbor
Look, I’m Section 8, Taliban

It’s that Project Baby, run and tell a friend
Codeine with Xan that’s my medicine
Life sentence in the trunk, like a elephant
I don’t f**k around, b**ch I’m celibate
True to my religion I’m a reverend
My money long, I might need a measurement
I’m fly, I’m high
Off this cannabis
It’s a bird, it’s a plane, it’s a pelican

Lil Kodak, call me Peter Pan
Yeah, I’m the finesse kid, you can be the man
I gotta master mind, I just came up with a plan
I had to strategize, now I’m getting ten bands
Get it in, got them chickens, like I’m in the den
I poured a four, now I’m leaning like a kick stand
Number one, money blowing like a ceiling fan
I got them drums, nigga, I will hit you whole band
I was stuck, then I took off, now I back again
Nigga, please don’t make Lil Kodak, go Super Saiyan
I took a chance, I got tired of eating noodle cans
Young nigga on jiggas, I will never land
Damn I just finessed my own people them
About this business, I hope don’t look creep to them
Sour patch, cause these hoes I’m not sweet to them
Stuffed in up my trues, I’m walking with a limp


Jump up out my whip, I pull up like I’m Batman
I just got outta jail, so bring them racks in
It’s Lil’ Kodak, motion picture, look how I’m flashing
Paparazzi kid, lights, camera, action
I took my tool and now I moving like a fat man
Little nigga, I’m just eating like I’m Pac-Man
I hit the scenes, spread my wings, I be super fly
He don’t want it, I ain’t worried, I’ll shoot the guy
Usually I be polo down to the T
I’m a artist now so I’m dressed in Louie V
Who is he? Wanna drop a track, have fee
Foreign whip, can’t pronounce it, got like two or three
Section 8, all this foreign sh*t is new to me
She don’t like me, she in love with my jewelry
Project Baby running crazy, but I’m Cuban linked
Show the streets, because they love it how I do them beats


End of
Pelican – Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics | Ringtones Download

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