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KKK - Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics

(feat. Koly P)

[Kodak Black:]
Foreal dawg, I been waiting for this beat for a lil minute
Hell yah bih, Koly we got another one

Look, I’m tryna stay afloat
And keep my head above water, you could say a boat
See I don’ lost a lot of sh*t, but I didn’t lose hope
They tryna pull me in the system, wanna see roped
But now they tellin’ me, “Jit you the next to blow”
I’m comin’ up, I got the rap game in a choke
I don’ trust a nigga, they’ll try to play ya close
Can’t be f**kin’ with these b**ches, cause they love to do the most
It’s the white man world, no love for black folks
It’s still a dirty world, ain’t no point tryna vote
A different president, but it’s the sh*t thought
Ferro should of took the plea, but he took it to the door
I’m tryna make it, but they hatin’ on the kid
I got an ice box, where my heart used to live
A nigga cross, I’ma double cross him
A nigga like me, don’t forget or forgive
I’m the type of nigga come run up in your crib
Nigga tellin’ on you, now you want the nigga killed
Bill keep the steel, I just wanna live, got evicted, so I had buy my mama a crib
I remember when, we was strugglin’, sh*t, I had to move in with my cousin them
I don’ see my friends from yesterday, none of them
Now I think about, it used to be a couple of them
sh*t I ain’t gon’ lie, I learned a lot of stuff from them
God damn, I should’ve listened to my mama them
See the other side and I don’ say what’s up to them
But he f**k with them and I don’ really f**k with them
Sharper than a trim
Jumpin’ out the gym
24 Karot Gold dip on my rim
Now I’m gettin’ older, now life kickin’ in
Told mama look, I’m finally growin’ hair on my chin
Mama your lil boy, just became the f**kin’ man
I just dropped the 14, it came back lookin’ 10
I just popped a bean, now I’m going Super Saiyan
You’ll sink like the sand in the game without a plan

[Koly P:]
See this the type of sh*t I live
And what these niggas rappin’ we don’ already lived
I heard through the grapevine that Kodak got a deal
See we been on our grind since Nova donk was teal
I’m tryna touch a mil
And buy my mama them a crib
We rappin’ about this sh*t we really live
So nigga straight up, them country boys better play us
Mention Broward County, better say us
See we didn’t have sh*t, but a God-fearing mother
You ever see them suds in the tub tryna bubble
Them hoes show us love, but they don’ know about the struggle
My aunty died with AIDS and Lord knows that I love her
I remember going broke with no clothes and no cover
Not to mention they killed Wayne and Purp, them my brothers
I been on my grind serving dime to them cluckers
My phone kang wanging and my trap going bonkers
I’m 10 toes down, with a 9 I’ll slump you
Call up my lil round from out of town, he’ll pump you
Get rich or die trying, so my mindframe is f**k you
Your chain look like mine, I ain’t lying, I’ll touch you
Coach niggas crying on the line, call the huddle
And it’s f**k a nigga, and my mindframe is f**k you
It’s 24 boom, and Polo Pooh he comin’ soon
You out of town niggas make room

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KKK – Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics | Ringtones Download

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