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I Need Love - Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics

I need love
I’m sliding in that cutlass just because
I pray to God my son won’t be a thug
You know I’m on the grind
I don’t even get to see him
You know my baby momma
She don’t even let me see him
On the track I gotta run nigga
I’m sipping champagne I ain’t gotta pop a pill
Wolve stripes in my body, I hit that nigga up
Wolve stripes got my rifle everythin’ I did before
No peroxide, but I’m sitting in the cut
With my cousin Popeye at the top
It just suck
I’m jumping out the range
Remember riding on that bus
I shook my old bih because all she wanna do is fuss
I need gratitude, I’m on a different latitude
If you run up on me then I’m a bag a dude
Gratitude, and you know I’m straight dumpin’ it
Got all the cheese
But I ain’t talking ’bout government
I was hollering at the jitterbug
He said you wanna rap too
He said you wanna have plenty love
Matter fact he in the booth with me
I don’t f**k with E-Murder
He almost died on that 250
But you know I still pray for him
I’ll still load up and go spray for him
I don’t wanna hit the chain gang but [?]
I’m 19, but I was a baby when I jumped off the porch
I quit basketball just to thug the f**king block
I was jacking cars going to juvenile in and out
You would think I do construction
I was out here selling rocks
I was in the rap game, but I was still on the block
I was sitting in a cell when Enale got shot
That’s my cousin
Swear to God it would have been different if I was out
My nigga [?] died, it took a lot not to cry
I was in cell reminiscing about all the times
We was out her kicking door in
We was out here on the grind
You would pop a xanax, quick to pop a nigga up
Call a nigga polka dot we will run up in you spot
Like a nigga trying shoes, tie that paper into a knot
I rep 1800 block, ugly corner Sniper gang
I rep 1800 block, 1800 block, ugly corner
Sniper gang, I rep 1800 block

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I Need Love – Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics | Ringtones Download

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