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Get It Up - Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics

All my niggas switching up
Because they seen lil nigga
I’m a star, different cars
I be switching up
Pulled up to spot, dropped my top
Started raining, pull my ceiling up
And nigga I can have all the f**ks in the world, I won’t give you one
Money standing tall nigga
If your money low better get it up

Man, I’m feeling like I’m Diddy
Kodak photogenic
Paparazzi panoramic
I just woke up in a Bentley, Benny pop a wheelie
Christian Loub Bontley Benny’s Rollin tailor fitted
Time is money so don’t call me, I ran out of minutes
40 to your face, 20/20 vision
Man this here is Prada limit
Yeah my twitter trending
Did I mention I got activist all in my kidneys?
Boy you better get this money
You’ll see why I love it
She be giving good brain but that b**ch a dummy
I be hopping liking a bunny
Yeah my girlfriend love me
Boy you broke, as a joke man that sh*t ain’t funny


I’m fly like Peter Pan
I’m on lean and xan, I’m on Neverland
It’s Kodak run and tell a friend!
My plug a Mexican, look at Kodak
Kodak coming with that mess again
Nigga Imma switch it up, windows tinted up
Money out the ass, no if and but
Shooters posted on my porch, I pour a 4
Amusement park how my chain swing back and forth
She tell me she want some more, then b**ch get back in line
I’m a sniper, pussy boy you better recognize
Just that nigga, lil ol’ nigga with that big ol’ 9
Man your pockets touch, you paralyzed


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Get It Up – Kodak Black Free Song Lyrics | Ringtones Download

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